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2020 marks the end of a 3 year cycle of Oeiras Eco-Rally, a cycle where we are proud of the job we delivered, leading the way towards a decarbonization of car competitions in Portugal. The reality we see today was not possible without the help of great partners who share our vision of what is the future.

The Municipality of Oeiras, headed by its president Isaltino Morais soon understood the importance of being part of this project and helped us writing this new chapter of national motorsport history. These types of ground-breaking projects are naturally part of Oeiras DNA. We now understand there was no other partner possible to achieve such an ambitious project.

PRIO has been a great support and a reference partner since the very beginning. After all, we share the same path moving our way through the future. We are confident that we will keep walking side by side.

During these years we must emphasize the presence of associative movements, such is the great example of UVE, who helped us to get a better insight of a sector that was born not so long ago but is growing exponentially day after day. Having these movements as part of our list of participants, soma of them coming from everywhere in Europe, was a great honour and we couldn´t pass without saying a great Thank You to all of you.

FPAK (Portuguese Motorsports Federation) understood our vision and encouraged us to do this work. To FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), we must be thankful for creating the opportunity to start making the difference and for putting Oeiras Eco-Rally on their world class calendar. We hope FIA E-RALLY Regularity Cup continues to evolve focused on bringing enthusiasm and fun to the ones who are the key of our work: the spectators.

We have been effortless to carry out this mission and we hope to close the best way possible this beginning of a Golden cycle of Portuguese Motorsports. See you soon!



Paulo Almeida
Organising Committee President


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